This is the blog of sculptor Michael Rees, living and working in the New York area. I like mixing up posts of my own work, mini projects, and so on with reblogs. I have a straighter blog type website that documents my own work linked below. I've given up on making my own html web page and fully embrace the tumblr ethos.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
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2014 Abject Weather

The theme of time and comedy are central to Abject Weather. That the sculpture repurposes the old forms of sculpture and labor with new technologies, or renovates old philosophies of representation with newer ones of presentation, time cast its shadow in myriad and subtle ways. It is conceived as a hardware software relationship in which the weather balloon and its imagery would change regularly based on the location of its installation while the sculpture stays located in an historical dialogue of figuration and abjection. The additional augmented reality piece further extends the memetic, temporal, and interactive aspect of the sculpture. It has presence and telepresence tempering the overbearing historical content with bad viral humor some train wreck of cultural tendencies.

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